About me

Hi, I am Nadja Simeonova, the artist and maker behind NSceramicstudio.

       I was born in beautiful Bulgaria, a country of vast history and traditions. For the last 20 years, I've lived in a small cozy city in South Netherlands. Here in Maastricht I found  my love for pottery. What started as a little hobby, quickly took over huge part of my life. I bought my own wheel and put it in my bathroom, yes, my bathroom;). As the space became too small for all the purposes it was serving, I moved into one of the guest rooms, where my studio is now.

 About my work

      In my work, I am inspired by the Japanese ethos of wabi-sabi, discovering the beauty in asymmetry, uneven or imperfect things in nature and materials in their most natural and raw form.

       I always like to reveal the skin of the clay in some way. I work on different lines in order to let people feel the clay itself. Sometimes I finish the pieces with unglazed outside surface but polished, or a partly glaze to show the contrast between clay and glaze.
       All items are fired at high temperatures to make them super strong and durable.
       All items are made with big love and attention to detail.
       I hope you will enjoy them as much I enjoy make them for you.